Keith A. Ervin – Co-Founder, President

November 30, 2020 - By United Integrity

Keith Ervin

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    Keith A. Ervin, president of United Integrity Group, Inc. (UIG), entered the insurance business in 1982 with A.L. Williams as a sales representative and ascended quickly through management, becoming a National Sales Director. By 1992, he founded and developed a financial services holding company, a financial services marketing company and the purchase of an insurance company, where he held the Vice President position at all three companies. Keith negotiated a buy-out in 2005 and started United Integrity Group, Inc.

    Today, UIG focuses on building relationships with new clients through the education and sale of Medicare Supplement plans and various Life, Health and Property & Casualty products. By 2021, they have attracted and assisted in excess of 18,000 pleased clients making UIG a leading insurance agency in the country.

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